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No Go Joe?

By on 8.8.06 | 7:29PM

The initial reports from Connecticut aren't good for Sen. Joe Lieberman. Turnout appears to be exceedingly high in the suburbs, which is good for Nutty Ned. Turnout is low in the traditionally moderate, blue collar communities, such as Waterbury, where Lieberman was hoping for strong support to blunt the suburban push.

We're hearing conflicting things from people who are close to Lieberman. Some say the Lieberman has in excess of 20,000 signatures that he could file tomorrow to run as an independent on the November ballot. Others aren't so sure he has the necessary signatures because the drive for John Hancocks was not as intensive as some believed.

There are others who aren't so sure Lieberman will, in fact, submit his name for consideration. What we have heard in Washington Democrat circles is that Sen. Harry Reid and others have spoken with former President Bill Clinton about interceding on their behalf and persuading Senator Lieberman not to run in November.

We'll know soon enough what Lieberman's plans are.

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