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Jews Against Israel Watch

By on 8.4.06 | 3:10PM

Yesterday's Washington Post had an article on Jewish charities raising money for Israel, which didn't satisfy one defeatist Jewish leftist who prefers that Jews fund their enemies instead. Rabbi Michael Lerner of San Francisco, editor of the liberal Jewish magazine Tikkun, said:

"This is a time for the Jewish community of the United States to signal a new open-heartedness toward those who've been our adversaries if we want to break through the cycle of violence," Lerner said. "So we should be raising funds for Israel, as well as for Lebanon, as well as for Gaza, as well as for the West Bank.

"Donations to the federation at this point are simply a 'yes' vote to continued Israeli militarism and a 'no' vote to the Israeli peace movement that is calling for an immediate cease-fire and a negotiated settlement of all the issues that have led to war in the past 60 years."

While we're at it, we should start raising money to build a Nazi War Memorial in Washington next door to the Holocaust Museum.

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