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Hillary Heart Joe … But …

By on 7.5.06 | 4:04PM

As we reported a week ago, Sen. Joe Lieberman has now publicly stated his intention to pull in signatures for a petition that would place him on the November ballot as an "independent" should he lose the Democrat primary vote.

Right now, this is simply doing the smart, conservative thing, given the weird political environment we are living through. Lieberman is still expected to win his primary, but that hasn't stopped people like Hillary Rodham Clinton from betraying just how nutty the Democrat Party is. She announced her support for Lieberman, but linked it to his winning the primary. If not, then he was out of luck.

Good riddance, we say. If the Republican Party were smart, it would be encouraging Republican votes for Lieberman, paying for TV ads for him, and doing whatever they could to help a true patriot and an honorable man who shouldn't have to put up with the simple-minded shenanigans and foul-mouthed ravings of the loony Daily Kossacks and Deaniacs. This is a Democrat Party that under Dean's leadership and Kos's political mania is currying the favor and financial support of corporate entities that enable child pornographers on the Web. This is now a party that would prefer the votes of convicted murderers in their party's elections than Lieberman's vote in the Senate.

Come on over to the light side, Joe. You and the Republican Party would be better for it.

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