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Sunday Murtha Madness

By on 6.19.06 | 7:55AM

Even on Fathers’ Day, there was More Murtha Madness. Cut and Run King Jack Murtha (D-France) was back on Meet the Press yesterday to shout that we need to withdraw from Iraq/>/> now and to hell with the consequences.  He’s been saying for months that we should redeploy out of Iraq/>/> to some country in the region from which we can still use our forces to help the Iraqis. When Tim Russert pressed him on just which countries in the Middle East would take redeployed American troops Murtha said there were plenty of them.  None of which Murtha would name. But he did suggest – I kid thee not – that we could redeploy to from Iraq/>/> to Okinawa/>.  That’s Okinawa/>, Japan/>/>, boys and girls.

Now I’m no George Patton or Tommy Franks, but Okinawa/> seems a tad far for a base that’s going to launch a rapid response force when the Iraqis are in trouble.  Baghdad/>/> is at 33°25’ N, 44°30’ E and Okinawa/> is at 26°34’ N and 127°58’ E.  Okinawa/> isn’t literally the opposite side of the world from Baghdad/>/>, but close enough: about 5400 miles and that’s the short route if you overfly Communist China.

The only way forces could get from Okinawa/> to Iraq/>/> fast enough is through a “Star Trek” transporter. Maybe that’s what Murtha had in mind. Beam him up, Scotty.

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