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Competition for McCain and Schumer

By on 6.16.06 | 7:04PM

Back in February the folks over at MediaBistro demonstrated their powerful command of the obvious by reporting Little Miss Gun Control's fondness for the camera in a piece entitled, "Chuck Schumer, Media Whore." It's long been known in Washington that one can be injured by standing between Schumer and any open mike or uncovered lens. John McCain ain't much better.

Now that Karl Rove has been declared outside of Patrick Fitzgerald's inquisition, Mr. Schumer may have competition for the title of worst media whore in Washington from Joe Wilson.

Ms. Plame's hubby, clearly terrified at the approach of the irrelevance he so richly deserves, is now proclaiming his expertise in dealing with the terrorists in Iraq. In one report, Wilson said -- at the same conference Vichy John Kerry called for a firm date to withdraw from Iraq -- that we should be negotiating with the terrorists directly. Here's the money quote from the report:

During a panel discussion at the liberal Take Back America conference in Washington, D.C., Wilson said diplomatic efforts to establish Iraq as a democratic power in the region should also include "the Egyptians, the Jordanians, the Saudis, the Iranians ... the Turks, probably some leading powers from Europe and Russia, all of whom have interests at stake."

Wilson - to his credit - speaks with at least as much credibility and with as much expertise as anyone else from his party. Wilson for Prez in '08? A Kerry-Wilson ticket? If so, what will the Breck Girl do?

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