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Wilson’s Cabal

By on 6.16.06 | 8:20AM

Former CIA analyst and charter member of the "Amb. Joe Wilson Deception Brigade" has a "classy" post on his website about President Bush adviser Karl Rove.

Johnson has been a critic of the Bush Administration from the beginning. Our guess is that the former CIA employee's bitterness stems from the lack of national publicity he got years ago when he was starting up his private security and intelligence firm. We remember him -- with little success -- trying to ride Osama bin Laden's cloak tails after the African bombings in the late '90s with appearances on local Washington, D.C. morning shows. He was small time then, and he's small time now, as evidenced by his attempts at putting a couple of sentences together.

But he does get national attention today, after riding Wilson to national prominence as an anti-Bush, anti-Operation Iraqi Freedom drone. Like his partner, Wilson, Johnson has no class and no scruples. Truly disgusting stuff, and yet another example of why the Nutroots that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have hung their futures on, will doom the Dems to another disappointing election season.

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