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Today’s Elections

By on 6.6.06 | 5:07PM

There is another round of primary elections today in eight states. The Fix has a comprehensive roundup here.

My erstwhile home state of Montana's races feature substantial action on the Democratic slate: they're picking their challengers to both Sen. Conrad Burns and Rep. Denny Rehberg. I suggested to my old man that he pick up the Dem ballot if it is an open primary. He says he did his best to wreck havoc on their frontrunners.

Also, he tells me of a local mill levy measure to fund "services to the elderly in Missoula County." He says, "The signs around town say, 'Vote for seniors," or "vote for open space.' Well, I have no problem with seniors or open space, but put the other word on there: tax."

Changes the meaning a little, voting for a policy instead of for a person or an abstract notion, no?

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