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Can We Say, ‘N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T’?

By on 6.6.06 | 12:01PM

Anyone? Anyone? In his continuing efforts to dominate media, history, and the world, Bill Clinton has taken time out of his busy, busy schedule to record his own voice (“chuckles” and all) and recount his own personal memories of being president for visitors to the Clinton Library in Little Rock/>, Arkansas/>/>.

For just $3 extra, you too can hear Bill wax on enthusiastically about his most cherished and personal memories of being president (Monica didn’t make the cut), and his childhood, and his initiatives, and his life in general.

Along with the usual whacks at Republicans, Clinton/>/> shares this gem:

He describes choosing a running mate as one of the most important decisions for a presidential hopeful. He says he chose Al Gore because the Tennessee Democrat complemented him and provided a more moderate perspective.

Al Gore provided a moderate perspective??? And all along we thought Clinton was the "New Democrat."

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