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The New York Times Chain of Evidence

By on 5.31.06 | 12:35PM

For all the handwringing the New York Times does over WMD evidence, one would suppose they would be especially careful in all areas. Not when it comes to the events at Haditha. Today's dispatch suggests the Times has come across new evidence of a cover up by the Marines. Eric Schmitt and David S. Cloud lead breathlessly:

A military investigator uncovered evidence in February and March that contradicted repeated claims by marines that Iraqi civilians killed in Haditha last November were victims of a roadside bomb, according to a senior military official in Iraq.

Among the pieces of evidence that conflicted with the marines' story were death certificates that showed all the Iraqi victims had gunshot wounds, mostly to the head and chest, the official said.

How scandalously damning. If it is true. What does the Times present for evidence? An anonymous source of dubious authority (what exactly is a "senior military official"?) relaying second hand information (or third hand? fourth?) of the conclusions of a preliminary investigation.

That's not news. It is rumor.

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