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By on 5.26.06 | 6:04PM

Via this link at Amy Ridenhour's National Center Blog, I discoverd that Bizzy Blog does excellent reporting on the (infamous) Kelo vs. New London "eminent domain" (property seizure) case. Well worth a read. Also, Donkey Cons has good reporting on an excellent event put on by the estimable Bradley Foundation, namely on a question about whether there is now a "conservative elite that is similarly out of touch" as the liberal elites have been for so long. For those to whom the abortion issue is paramount, Abortion Watch links to a moving series of filmed interviews. Finally, as this is the weekend of Memorial day, Red State does a service by linking to a wonderful tribute by photographer Michael Yon, who also filed this report that shows the "excellence of our service members" in a Baghdad E.R. Bless all our men and women in uniform!

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