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By on 5.24.06 | 4:21PM

Interesting that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush so publicly discussed the early feeler put forward by representatives of the National Football League, who are in what can only be termed the "exploratory" phases of a search to replace outgoing commissioner, Paul Tagliabue.

Bush denied any interest in the position, though he admitted to speaking in general terms about the job with emissaries from the NFL ownership ranks. When Bush's term ends, the assumption is that he will dive back into real estate and the family business of laying the groundwork for another political run in the future.

He has been clear in his lack of interest in jumpstarting a Presidential run for 2008, though there remains hope in some quarters of his being arm-twisted into joining the bottom of a GOP ticket, or perhaps allowing a "Draft Jeb" operation to proceed. Given the effort Bush is putting forward for Sen. John McCain in Florida, there is little doubt there would be opportunities for Jeb in a McCain campaign and administration.

As for who should be the next commissioner of the NFL, we know they need to be a fan, have a sense of history and respect for the game, and have a keen understanding of the egos who own the teams and play on the field. Our choice: Rush Limbaugh.

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