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More Murtha Madness

By on 5.20.06 | 1:59PM

Cong. John Murtha of Pennsylvania -- a Marine veteran -- has become the Cut and Run Party's voice of choice to scream their demands immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Last week he condemned the November 2005 action by Marines in Haditha, accusing them of massacring innocent civilians. Something happened in Haditha, and a serious investigation is in progress. But what it will find, and what conclusions it will draw, are unknown. Murtha's irresponsible speculation serves no legitimate purpose (unless he thinks that feeding Al Jazeera's high-octane anti-Americanism is such) Al-J headlined Murtha's comments as the gospel of jihad.

Murtha, according to a Defense Department source, had asked for and received a confidential briefing by the Marines. Which confidence he totally violated, jumping to conclusions worthy of John Kerry.

Is there any wonder that the Executive Branch doesn't trust Congress? Is there any confidence its members won't break or secret they won't leak?

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