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New Orleans Blues?

By on 5.19.06 | 11:05AM

My friend Deroy Murdock has a warm and moving story out on NRO today about the current state of my home city of New Orleans. Well worth a read. Meanwhile, in this series of articles and interviews from the Washington Post -- here, and here, and here and also here -- the national media finally begin to really pound home what I've been writing (based on excellent New Orleans Times-Picayune reporting, of which the linked article above is just the most recent example, including this incredibly gut-wrenching interactive graphic) here for months, namely that the awful tragedy in New Orleans occurred, first, because of FEDERAL malfeasance, on the part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which ignored several warnings that its floodwall designs were dangerously insufficient. Meanwhile, in the mayor's race in New Orleans which culminates with tomorrow's elections, the embarrassing Mayor Ray Nagin still has a real chance of winning, multiple sources tell me, because of tacit help from the White House.

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