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BIG News: A Brit Impersonator

By on 5.15.06 | 5:54PM

In the blog post immediately below, I report on the apparent false identity scam used, according to our friend Mark Corallo, by lefty blogger Jason Leopold, in the course of spreading apparently false stories to the effect that Karl Rove had been indicted. Now it gets even better/weirder: In the course of talking to Corallo under the identity of a reporter for a British publication (conversations Leopold himself reported on, but without the little detail about having used an alias), Leopold gave Corallo a number to call back on. When Corallo tried back, Corallo said, the number didn't work. Well, just in the few minutes since I posted the tale below, I got the following e-mail from Corallo:

"Gets better - at 4:00 p.m. today I got a call from a guy named Joel Loria of the London Sunday Times!! He was a bit miffed (to say the least) that Leopold used his name. And the phone number was one digit off!"

This is really getting fun! Calling Janet Cooke, in addition to Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass.....

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