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Which Is It, Harry?

By on 5.11.06 | 1:08PM

Harry Reid is awfully confused why the $100 gas rebate failed. From a Democratic Party fundraising email today:

As gas prices rose to above $3 a gallon last week, President Bush, his Administration officials, and their Senate allies came out in full force to do damage control. They know their jobs and their far-right agenda are at stake this November. In a hasty attempt to appease voters, Senator Frist proposed a $100 rebate financed by changing an accounting loophole that allows the oil and gas industry to pay lower taxes. His own party members balked at the overt pandering to voters, with Senator Conrad of Montana saying, "there're some dumb ideas in this." [Houston Chronicle, 4/29/06] But it was heavy pressure from Big Oil that ultimately drove Senator Frist to retreat from the plan.

It is well established that constituents revolted against the insulting pandering -- Reid had it right the first time. But that doesn't fit his party's narrative (which depends on pandering). All the facts aside, Big Oil did it. Right.

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