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USA Today Adopts Yale’s Taliban

By on 5.11.06 | 8:08AM

If former Taliban spokesgoon Sayed Hashemi is tossed out of Yale - where he's trying to upgrade into a degree-granting program - he can probably get a job as an editorial writer at USA Today. That's a fair guess based on their editorial today.

The editorial is a gooey morass of liberal psychobabble, decrying America's lousy diplomacy in the western world. It says -- and I'm not making this up -- that allowing Hashemi to stay at Yale is a "...rare opportunity to promote mutual understanding..." that might be "...torpedoed by shortsighted opposition."

The editorial labels the Taliban regime "bizarre" without adding any other facts or adjectives. Terrorist and murderous come to mind as some essentials USA Today omits. It also apologizes for the unapologetic Hashemi, saying some of his widely publicized remarks were "naive."

USA Today should be embarassed. The Taliban were - and are - terrorists with American blood on their hands. Hashemi has never renounced the Taliban, apologized for the help it gave (and may still be giving) to Usama bin Laden or repented in any way.

Why anyone should wish to promote "mutual understanding" between Radical Islamists and America is quite beyond understanding. In this case, it's beyond parody. The Taliban and the evil ideology it and other Radical Islamists follow must be destroyed. Is that simple enough for USA Today to understand? Probably not.

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