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By on 5.10.06 | 6:29PM

Talk about going around the bend. Judicial Watch released the Secret Service visitor logs that it had fought to receive related to the number of visits made to the White House complex by Jack Abramoff.

Turns out Abramoff visited twice. It's important for everyone to remember that while those visits were going on -- all two of them -- Abramoff and his crew of merry influence peddlers were shopping their wares much more often up on Capitol Hill. And they were selling a lot in the offices of Democrats. Two visits to Dems? Hardly.

Now there may be other White House visits, and there may be more to all of this. But the language that Judicial Watch uses to describe the situation is just embarrassing and the kind of overheated, hysterical hype more befitting Howard Dean and It identifies the visits as by "convicted felon" Abramoff. Well, he wasn't a felon when he made the visits.

Judicial Watch would do more good if it, say, attempted to get the visitor records and appointment book for, say, Sen. Harry Reid. Who was he having dinner with in Georgetown back in the winter of 2002? And who was he meeting with in his offices in the spring of 2003? In March and twice in May?

And perhaps there are a couple of other Democrat senators Judicial Watch could look into. The folks there might find it more instructive and more illustrative than picking over dry bones at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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