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Meese on Judges

By on 5.9.06 | 10:22AM

It is being widely reported today that former Attorney General Ed Meese was among several top conservative outsiders who declined to attend a White House meeting on judges yesterday as a sort of silent protest against the lack of concerted effort to nominate and get confirmed enough good judges. I spoke with Meese yesterday afternoon, and he declined to comment on those reports, or even on whether a meeting had taken place. In fact, he was very circumspect overall -- very, well, judicious.

But here are some of the things he did say -- not that they are particularly ground-breaking, but at least they do show that he, too, is on the case:

All direct quotes:

There are a lot of judgeships pending, there are a number of us who are hoping for rapid action by the Senate on those judges who are already pending, either from the White House or in the committee or on the floor.

The responsibility is in the Senate for accelerated action… before it gets too late in the season.

Before August recess. The more that happens before the Aug recess, the better off we are.

There are a number of vacancies and it is my understanding that the White Hous is working hard on those in time for them to be considere for the Aug recess.

They are all worthy of focus. I don't think it's profitable to kind of single out any one…. I would hope that the minority party would not engage in dilatory tactics.

[HIS ADVICE]: We need a strong coordinated effort between the White House and Senate leadership to move as many judges as quickly as possible.

Ditto what Meese said!

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