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By on 5.8.06 | 4:32PM

Reader Fa'ul bin Qatiq, a.k.a. Paul Kotik, writes that our TV coverage is a little thin:

After all that chatter about the President living in a bubble, I'm surprised TAS is missing the opportunity to, uh, comment upon an actual man living in a bubble. He's been in a  transparent bubble filled with water for the last week, on the public plaza at

Lincoln/> Center/>/>, NYC. The lunatic magician David Blaine. UBL's sister and numerous A-List Hollywood celebs have come to worship. Seems the Left admires some people who live in bubbles. It's a huge media event -- buzz is it killed Tom Cruise's opening of MI  III here in Manhattan/>/>.

I'm there -- my diving colleagues trained this kid in breath -hold and are supervising the stunt. Live tonight on an ABC special, 8-10 PM/>.  My notes and pics at

I know there's some kind of Deep Meaning in this, but haven't the time right now to dope it out.

So when David Blaine doesn't drown tonight, thank a TAS reader.

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