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Hearing Hearings Rumors

By on 5.3.06 | 7:36PM

I usually hate to publish something that is just a rumor, but when I hear the same rumor from two different good sources -- although, in this case, both of THEM said their own sources were only of the rumor variety, so it may just be the same folks talking to the same folks without solid sourcing -- and when the rumor is important and timely, it's worth airing just for the warning value.

ANYway, I'm hearing that Sen. Specter may be coming close to caving in (and going against what top staff last week had indicated was his own firm decision) by letting the Dems put court nominee Brett Kavanaugh through yet another hearing. On the one hand: Fine. Brett will handle himself well and make the Dems look, again, like jerks. But this is still a very bad development, because it means a delay of AT LEAST one week, almost certainly two weeks, and perhaps even three weeks, before Kavanaugh finally gets out of committee -- meaning it becomes that much more difficult to get him a floor vote before Memorial Day, much less get other nominees the floor votes they deserve.

So let's hope these rumors are not true. Far as I can tell, there is no good reason for this capitulation to Dems who merely want a show trial to try to rough Kavanaugh up some more while running out the clock on as many nominees as they can. Please, Mr. Chairman, don't give in!

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