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Re: The Closing of a Presidency

By on 4.25.06 | 12:56PM

I neglected to mention two other excellent voices for the old fashioned Catholic university at Notre Dame: Fr. John Coughlin, professor of law and canon law, and Professor John Cavadini, chairman of the theology department.

Both are quite critical of Jenkins -- especially his strange notion of a "conversation" with the outside world. It's a strange notion because, as the men point out, it's largely the pop culture talking and the Catholic community listening, as with the Vagina Monologues capitulation. Jenkins hardly mentioned Church teaching in his closing statement, a poor start to a conversation for the president of the university, and a Catholic priest at that. Fr. Coughlin writes, "The statement creates the impression that Catholicism is just another 'good idea' sometimes at issues and to be batted about in the on-going intellectual debate at the University." Is Fr. Jenkins a mere referee between Catholicism and pop culture? It would appear so.

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