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Churches vs. The Rule of Law

By on 4.25.06 | 12:38PM

Hot on the dug-in heels of certain Cardinals opposed to the enforcement of immigration law comes this little DC church parking/double parking imbroglio -- and once again certain religious folk are up in arms about the enforcement of the laws. The DC double-parking laws, along church-heavy streets, have not recently been enforced, although they've duly been kept on the books. They certainly cannot be said to have lapsed -- particularly now that Logan Circle area residents really need them. The habitual violation of the double-parking law, however, is inaccurately advertised by disgruntled churchgoers as "a minor inconvenience." Convenience isn't the point.

Surely it's the city's responsibility to ensure adequate parking for those driving to houses of worship. But until then, folks, the rule of law wins out every time. This is another reason why laxity on enforcement undermines the legitimacy of the law in the first place, and another reminder of how the rolling amnesty of swiss-cheese borders is a problem antecedent to the whole question of post hoc "earned citizenship" programs.

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