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Undeserved unpopularity

By on 4.20.06 | 5:08PM

Jed, this is all getting bizarre. I have been a frequent critic of this president, but for the general public to give him such low ratings is absurd. By all normal indicia, this nation is in terrific shape. Unemployment, interest rates, inflation: All at levels that by historical standards are incredibly low. Crime down. Home ownership up. Stock market back up, while stock ownership is, too. Taxes low. No domestic terrorism since 9/11. Success in Afghanistan. The end of Ghadafi's nuke program. Solid relations with both India AND Pakistan at the same time. Very solid relations with Japan and Great Britain and Australia and with much of Eastern Europe. More countries rated "free" (and more "somewhat free" as opposed to "not free") by Freedom House that at any time in recorded history. But Americans are spoiled. We don't realize just how good our lives are today. I may have to write a column on this.

Meanwhile, National Review at one point had a saying that it was a fair-weather critic of right-leaning pols but a firm foul-weather friend. It's time again to be a foul-weather friend. For all the administration's mistteps (especially after Katrina, which hit so close to home for me), President Bush's heart is in the right place and his courage on the big issues has been undaunted. In today's foul political weather, I will now rally to the president's defense. I urge all conservatives to put aside our grievances and do likewise.

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