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French Surrender

By on 4.11.06 | 1:26PM

Gee, who here is surprised that the French government has surrendered again, this time to a bunch of whiny young brats who are misidentified either as students (spoiled navel-gazers is more like it) or as "workers" when what they have really been demonstrating for is the "right" to be shirkers on the job without getting fired? I don't know that I've ever seen such a pathetic ccause for which to demonstrate, nor such a pathetic, spineless, feckless and incompetent reaction to it as the one by Jacques-a$$ Chirockhead, the purported French president and noted mollycoddler of crooked investors in Iraq. So this useless government of France continues to exacerbate the outrageous weakness of the French economy, with double-digit unemployment and virtually nonexistent growth.Somebody please explain to me again why this third-rate nation has a veto on the U.N Security Council. (?)

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