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Post Likes a Good Leak

By on 4.10.06 | 4:26PM

To the great credit of the editorial board of the Washington Post, its Sunday editorial on Bush's declassification of some intelligence material is right on target. Actually, I was sitting for dinner with a college pal of mine this past weekend and he was ripping into Bush for the declassification and was incredulous that I was defending it. So I particularly appreciated the Post's editorial the very next day, because the Post said it far better than I had done the night before.

What's really bizarre, though, is that Patrick Fitzgerald is going so far afield in an increasingly odd and monomaniacal attempt to save his unraveling case against Scooter Libby. Frankly, when he first laid out the case, I was impressed by Fitzgerald, but subsequent behavior and revelations have made me think he's just lost his mind, or at least all reasonable perspective. If anybody still believes that Scooter Libby knowingly and deliberately and maliciously lied to Fitzgerald, rather than merely having gotten confused, that somebody has some 'splainin to do, because I and most other people I talk to just don't see it -- and again, I was inclined to believe Fitzgerald at first, even though it never made sense to me for Libby to have lied in the first place.

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