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Western European Scorecard

By on 4.9.06 | 9:39AM

Britain: Tony Blair -- doomed by cash-for-peerages taint. David Cameron -- useless and nightmarish "new Conservative."

France: Jacques Chirac -- dinosaur in tar pit. Dominique de Villepin -- approval ratings lower than Bush's.

Spain: Socialists widely recognized as unprepared for government; post-3/11 blush off rose in time for next elections.

Italy: Silvio Berlusconi -- more like Berluscrony; his tentacles wriggle over 0% growth. Challenger Romano Prodi -- center-left economics professor not the man for the job.

But since no one else is willing to predict it, even this late in the game, I'll call the Italian election. Berlusconi out. Eurodemocracy is a recipe for paralysis in action -- but only west of the Rhine. Power trio for the new Europe: Denmark, Germany, Poland?

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