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Mobile on guest workers

By on 4.3.06 | 4:38PM

My old paper in Mobile, newly renamed the Press-Register, ran this thoughtful editorial on Friday. In some ways it resembles a creative plan from the Kreible Foundation. Both call for slightly different spins on President Bush's "guest worker" ideas for immigrants. Frankly, I have no use for ANYbody who comes here illegally, although I like the idea of expanding LEGAL immigration and/or legal guest worker programs... but only AFTER we control our borders better. If that means a double-tiered fence, so be it. One question, though: How is a "guest worker" program different from an ordinary green card? I admit my ignorance here, but it seems to me that the green card program ALREADY is a guest worker program. And if people ignore that legal process and come here by illegal means, I think we ought to send them to Singapore for punishment. All that said, I'm open to having lawmakers look into the Press-Register AND the Kreible proposals... both of which, on the surface, look better than the amnesty-filled piece of garbage that emerged from the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Press-Register's home senator, Jeff Sessions, is doing a good job of blasting that legislation to Kingdom Come.

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