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Not April Fools

By on 4.1.06 | 3:49PM

Under the category of “news reports that we wish were April Fools’ jokes but aren’t," a few of the day’s pickings:

  • From this  Bloomberg report  it appears that William F. Buckley is again  proclaiming the Iraq/>/> war a failure;
  • The Seattle Times informs us that a Colorado school has banned the display of the US flag, instead of punishing students who are harassing – and being harassed by – Hispanic students displaying the Mexican flag.  This is the sort of action that schools take as an alternative to being responsible for disciplining students.  It’s impossible, of course, to ask a school – especially those from the
    land/> of Baghdad Jim McDermott/>/> – to actually care about who is right and who is wrong in these incidents;
  • Condi Rice “admits” to thousands of mistakes in Iraq/>/>. Why not dozens or hundreds? When can we see the list?; and
  • Thanks to the guys at Powerline for the tip on Canada’s Western Standard magazine being the subject of a human rights complaint for publishing the Mohammed cartoons.  In Canada/>/> – unlike most of Europe/> – freedom of the press still exists.  But the magazine will probably be dragged through a long and costly legal process before it’s vindicated.  The assault on freedom of the press by the Islamists continues, and its seriousness can’t be overestimated.

    This started with the idea of finding a few funny items. Pity none came up.

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