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Three Dollar Bills

By on 3.27.06 | 2:00PM

I must admit I was more than a little bit surprised to see the following headline on the front page of this weekend's Boston Globe: Drug tally shoots down a racial myth. Kudos to them for not burying this story on page B12:

A new report by the Boston Public Health Commission explodes the myth that drug abuse is centered in the city's minority communities, indicating that while whites make up half of city residents, they comprise two-thirds to three-fourths of those who have died from drug abuse in recent years.


The gap between whites and minority group members in drug-related deaths persisted over the five years studied, although the size of the difference fluctuated. Death rates rose for all racial groups studied: whites, blacks, and Hispanics.

Check out the rest here. So does this mean we might possibly be nearing the point where those who die from drug abuse can be considered drug addicted individuals rather than racial conglomerates only useful in the statistical aggregate? It seems to me this would be a healthier and more effective way to approach the problem.

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