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Someone Please Pull the Plug

By on 3.27.06 | 6:24AM

On the new 007, Daniel Craig. First we had him being scared by the Royal Navy fast boat delivering him to a press gaggle. Next he announced he hated handguns. Then he foreswore booze. Now, according to the Beeb, he's promised us a "fallible" James Bond. What's left? Will he condemn fast cars for all time? Will 007 trade the Aston Martin for a Toyota Prius?

Look, Craig. Bond is a hip-shooting, hard-drinking, fast-car-driving tough guy. Deal with it, or clear out. If the world wanted to see Woody Allen as 007 (which we did in the unmercifully awful first "Casino Royale") he'd have kept the part. Ever wonder why he didn't?

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