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Hillary Unelectability

By on 3.26.06 | 11:40AM

James: There was a letter in the Washington Post's "Free For All" section yesterday disagreeing with your very point. While only Warren Harding and JFK went directly from the Senate to the White House, Mr. Frank Morra of Washington wrote, let us not forget that former senators Truman, Johnson, and Nixon also made it to 1600 PA.

Meanwhile, for you Hillary worriers out there, a letter writer in today's New York Times Magazine blasts Mrs. C. as the second coming of McGovern and Dukakis. It's not so much her being a senator that exposes her weakness as the fact that she chose to carpetbag to blue, blue New York instead of running as a "'favorite son' from her home states Arkansas or Illinois," writes L.S. Cohn of Westfield, New Jersey.

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