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Domenech Resigns

By on 3.24.06 | 1:35PM

At the WaPo. That's the best move for everyone involved.

RedState's experiencing a bit of a server overload right now.

UPDATE (3:39 p.m.): Domenech has an explanation and apology up at RedState. It is important to note this was the left blogosphere's gold mine after two days of invective. And they did strike gold. Domenech owns up for the most part, saying that while the plagiarized inserts were the work of his editor at the Flat Hat, he was ultimately responsible but as a "sloppy" "teenager." At 18- or 19-years-old, you're a man. Like Ben, I've traded on my work as a college student. I'll answer for its quality and integrity if it's ever questioned, as should Ben.

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