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Re: The Next (Bad) Dubai Deal

By on 3.21.06 | 4:50PM

Jed, for what it's worth from the peanut gallery, I'm not sure that the Doncasters buy is a problem. How will they have a view inside the Joint Strike Fighter program?

The Post's report on it earlier this month explained what Doncasters specializes in:

Doncasters' expertise is in forging, fabrication, machining and alloy production. The company owns a plant that makes aerospace turbine blades and components in Farmington, Conn.; a turbine and generator plant in Rincon, Ga.; a steel foundry in Springfield, Mass.; and a metal-rolling plant in Groton, Conn. The company's Web site says the Georgia and Connecticut plants manufacture "engine ready airfoils," for aircraft, helicopter and tank engines.

I'd really like to learn more about this, because my impression from this article is that Doncasters manufactures and fabricates the steel parts for aircraft engines.

If they're not privy to classified information about the JSF in the manufacturing process -- just sending parts to larger military contractors just as they would send parts to Boeing, then I think I'd be alright with it. If owning Doncasters would give Dubai interests a look into classified information, then we have a problem.

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