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Re: 9-7 Gets T-O

By on 3.19.06 | 12:35AM

Jed: I like Terrell Owens. Whatever he does off the field keeps the likes of ESPN in business. On the field he's as good as anyone around. Remember when he claimed midfield in Cowboy Stadium for himself some years ago while still a 49er? It was rotten sportsmanship, perhaps, but also brave and audacious. Anyway, it now appears he was only looking ahead. You think Bill Parcells will for one moment tolerate any nonsense from him? As it is, Parcells got rid of one headcase, Keyshawn Johnson, to make room for Owens, who's at least ten times better. Almost singlehandedly, on a warped ankle, Owens kept the Eagles in the Super Bowl last year. Parcells has a way of channeling thuggishness to his team's advantage. The Redskins should be mighty worried. Not to mention the Eagles. Good for Owens for choosing to remain in the same division. Should make the NFL East next fall the only one really worth watching.

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