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By on 3.17.06 | 9:09AM

For all the talk in Memphis about reining in spending, even the Post couldn't help noting the irony in reporting yesterday spending spree. And the man ruling the roost in the Senate -- that's Arlen Specter, not Bill Frist -- is downright exultant, writes Dana Milbank.

"The Republican Party is now principally moderate, if not liberal!"

That's Specter himself. Remind me why Pennsylvania Republicans were told they needed to reject Pat Toomey to save the Senate?

More Arlen for you:

"All the talk in Memphis doesn't comport with reality.... I don't have any apologies to make for this 7 billion [in extraneous domestic spending]. I'm still not satisfied."

If conservatism isn't dead in this Senate, it sure has seen better days. Those 55 Republican Senators just aren't 55 Tom Coburns, unfortunately.

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