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Bearly Fooling

By on 3.14.06 | 12:55PM

Wlady -- Over the course of his career, Nicklaus learned how to turn on the charm at will, and I've seen him, up close, on more than one occasion, suffer fools incredibly well, with a big smile on his face. And he is unfailingly polite with the press corps, even when the reporters don't deserve it. Meanwhile, he and Barbara have engendered a tremendous amount of good will through their work in the community in Florida and through their enthusiasm for and approachability during the many school athletic contests their five children have been a part of. Finally, no worries about Russia: Russian bears are red or pink; Jack is golden!

C.J. -- I have no inside knowledge, but I do know a couple of people who might be able to get inside knowledge because one works (or at least used to work; I've lost touch) for Nicklaus and one, who is an office-holder in Alabama, grew up next to the Nicklaus compound and is friends with the family. I do know that Jack made several campaign appearances (in Ohio, his native state, not Florida) for Bush last year, and has long been openly conservative, and so I know he cares enough about politics at least to go that far. I say it's time for a draft!

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