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End of the Imperialist Horse

By on 3.9.06 | 11:58PM

Hugo Chavez continues to stand as the Vanguard of the Revolution in Venezuela and hero to twentysomething American boys in horn-rimmed glasses on college campuses everywhere.

Via Reuters:

Venezuela's Congress, dominated by allies of socialist President Hugo Chavez, has approved a revamp of the national coat of arms to ensure its white horse gallops left instead of right.


Last year Chavez dismissed the horse image saying "it's not even Venezuelan, it's an imperialist horse" after researching that it was originally designed by a British diplomat. But he cited historical reasons for the change.

"The horse now faces left with its head forward to the future, a white, free, untamed horse, as our nation is free as never before," lawmaker Cilia Flores said late on Tuesday after the law was passed.

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