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Save a Man, Kill a Candidacy

By on 3.8.06 | 3:47PM

This is a little old but....

We've all been asked at one point or another, usually by the type of half-drunk guy who wears sandles in the winter and spends a lot of time toying with his gnarly hair, whether if given the chance we would kill a young Hitler before he came to power and wreaked havoc on the world. Now comes a modern twist on the philosophical query for the politician in the Age of Abramoff: Would you save your unpcoming state senate primary opponent if he was choking in a restaurant? The answer for one Democrat in Maryland a couple weeks ago was an emphatic yes.

From AP:

State Sen. John Giannetti was waiting for his take-out order of Italian food at a Maryland restaurant on Monday when he saw a man choking. He rushed over, performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged a chunk of seafood -- saving the life of his political rival.

The choking man, Jim Rosapepe, is challenging Giannetti in the Democratic primary for the suburban Washington district.


Rosapepe thanked his opponent for saving him.

"Obviously, it's an incredible coincidence, and a happy coincidence," said Rosapepe, a member of the University of Maryland system's Board of Regents.

And that is a sound of the wind suddenly being taken out of a campaign's sails. When the major difference between the candidates becomes which one was seafood consumer and which was seafood dislodger, it's time to pack it in and plan for 2008.

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