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Babbin on Durbin, Wyden, Rockefeller

By on 3.6.06 | 4:46PM

Since Jed is so busy, I thought I would report what to me seemed the most interesting news he gave in his brief abut excellent ppearance (just a few minutes ago) on Fox News. HE says that Demo senators Durbin, Wyden and Rockefeller have been mentioned by name in a criminal referral in at least one of the leaks cases. Now I wasn't clear whether Jed was saying they are targets or "subjects" (or what) of the investigation, or even just witnesses, but it all sounded pretty significant. Granted, Jed may have reported that news on this blog before, but it was the first I had heard of it, and I do tend to pay attention. Anyway, I'm sure Jed will fill us all in once he finishes guest-hosting for Hewitt. But just wanted to give him him props for a very interesting appearance on Fox!

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