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Senate Access Shutdown

By on 3.12.13 | 10:40AM

This morning, as a light drizzle fell upon our nation’s capital, a line grew outside of The Dirksen Senate Office Building. Men and women, young and old, the be-suited and the uniformed, stood in the rain and waited. Imagine the line at your local DMV, whisked outside, and doused in a sprinkle.

All other doors to the Senate have been closed to visitors.   

As reported in Politico, the Capitol Police Board announced that the sequester would mean fewer entrances and checkpoints around our Congressional campus. The changes were to go into effect at the stroke of midnight, Monday, March 11.

Closures were necessitated, and hours of access have been modified to “allow management to cut back on overtime pay to officers typically stationed at those posts.”

Perhaps what’s most remarkable about this political theater are the police officers who remain graciously stationed at each of the closed entrances to inform visitors that this is all because of that pesky sequester.

Credit goes to my colleague Josh Withrow for providing photographic evidence of this absurdity, and his thumb for the look of agitated immediacy. 

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