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ObamaCare for Everyone Except Obama’s Appointees

Even the people set to serve in Barack Obama's cabinet apparently don't like ObamaCare.

By on 3.8.13 | 9:14AM

It's a bit like the old Democratic congressiona trick of not applying new regulations to Congress.  Too expensive, of course!

It turns out that President Barack Obama's supporters--at least those rich or important or influential enough to serve in his Cabinet--apparently don't much like ObamaCare.  Too expensive, of course!

Reports The Hill:

Sally Jewell, President Obama's nominee to lead the Interior Department,  defended waivers her company received from part of Obama's healthcare law as she  testified before a Senate panel Thursday.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) pressed Jewell on healthcare waivers granted to  REI, the chain of outdoor apparel stores where she serves as CEO.

During his major healthcare push in 2009, Obama publicly praised Jewell and  REI for offering healthcare benefits to the company's part-time employees. But  after the healthcare law passed, REI received a waiver from new rules  restricting the plan it offered to part-time workers.

Of course, Jewell made a rational business decision.  But what kind of law says that it is cost-effective, moral, and all sorts of other good things, but needn't be applied to those who can convince the Prez that they deserve a waiver from those same cost-effective, moral, and good provisions?  And why does the president appoint people to his Cabinet who can't be bothered to fulfull the law that was his primary objective during this first term?

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