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Bets on How Long Rand Paul Filibusters?

By on 3.6.13 | 10:14PM

Rand Paul has now held the Senate floor for something like 12 hours, having begun his filibuster of President Obama's pick for CIA chief sometime just before noon.

Any bets on how long he will last? (Intrade hasn't yet descended to the level of tracking such things.) When you wake up tomorrow, will Rand Paul still be speaking through your breakfast?

The Washington Post helpfully provides a list of the five-longest filibusters in history, which range from 16 hours and 12 minutes (William Proxmire) to 24 hours and 18 minutes (Strom Thurmond).

How stern is the stuff of which Rand Paul is made?

Would it be going too far to say that if Paul doesn't make it into the top five, then he's lost my primary vote in 2016?

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