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Dodgers Reportedly Hire Dave Roberts as New Manager

By on 11.23.15 | 11:47AM

It has been reported that the Los Angeles Dodgers have hired Dave Roberts to be their new manager. A formal announcement is expected to be made after Thanksgiving.

Details of Roberts' contract still need to be worked out. In light of what happened in DC with Bud Black, one might inclined to write with any certainty that the Dodgers have definitively hired Roberts. But assuming there are no "today Bud Black is manager, now Dusty Baker is manager" scenarioes in L.A., it would mean that Roberts beat out Gabe Kapler for the position. Kapler is currently the Dodgers' Director of Player Development. Interestingly, Roberts and Kapler were teammates on the 2004 World Series champion Boston Red Sox.

Trump Is Right: CNN Reported on American Muslims Celebrating 9/11

By on 11.23.15 | 10:42AM

So the newest controversy?

That Donald Trump said he saw clips of New Jersey Muslims celebrating 9/11. His critics pounced.  But whatever he may have seen or not seen in New Jersey, CNN reported here that Muslims in New York City celebrated 9/11 — in 2009.

The clip, found on YouTube, is dated from 2009 and was apparently broadcast in the aftermath of the Ft. Hood shooting that involved  U.S. Army Major Nidal Hassan, an American Muslim whose actions were celebrated by a group called “Revolution Muslim.”

The CNN segment was anchored by Anderson Cooper, with the report filed by CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin. The focus of the story is the 96th Street Mosque, identified as “right in the heart of New York.” The report was titled “Homegrown Hate.” Griffin speaks to the Imam, who says Islam is about peace. But right outside the Mosque are Muslims — American Muslims “born and raised” in the United States — preaching hatred of the U.S. Saying that the 9/11 attacks were justified. Griffin captures all of this on camera, with members of the group professing their love for Osama bin Laden.

The Left Can’t and Doesn’t Want to Distinguish Between Islam & Radical Islam

By on 11.22.15 | 2:55AM

The other day I critiqued Brian Beutler's piece in The New Republic which decried Republican "obsession" with radical Islam. 

Now National Interest editor Jacob Heilbrunn picks up where Beutler left off in PoliticoAlthough Heilbrunn primarily recycles the tired old liberal critique of the GOP being insufficiently diverse, he also devotes a sufficient portion of his piece to what he purports to be Republican attitudes of Muslims. Heilbrunn claims "the GOP is now mired in its ugliest intra-party debate yet -- about whether Muslims living in the United States constitute a potential Fifth Column." He also writes of "the GOP's persistent anti-Islam strain" and adds that yours truly is part of that strain:

Bill O’Reilly: Time Was When His Foot Was As Big As His Mouth

By on 11.20.15 | 5:20PM

Fox News host and self-described “investigative historian” Bill O’Reilly is plainly a man of parts — whether made-up or real. With that in mind, allow me to retell a story that I related to readers of American Spectator readers some time ago. The story takes on new pertinence given the outrageous fabrications that are apparently contained in his best-selling new book Killing Reagan, which include the allegation that Ronald Reagan was gaga through most of his presidency — often watching “soap operas all day long” in his private quarters on the second floor of the White House.

A good friend of mine came to know O’Reilly in the early 1970s, when both of them were working at WPLG Channel 10 in Miami — O’Reilly as an intern and my friend as the television station’s back-up anchor.

Cruz Parts Company With Trump Over Muslim Registry

By on 11.20.15 | 4:49PM

Virtually all of the GOP candidates vying for the White House have taken aim at Donald Trump. A notable exception has been Ted Cruz. Until today.

During an appearance in Iowa with Congressman Steve King, Cruz told reporters he disagreed with Trump's proposal to create a registry for Muslims residing in this country. "I'm a big fan of Donald Trump's but I'm not a fan of government registries of American citizens," said Cruz, "The First Amendment protects religious liberty, I've spent several decades defending religious liberty."

I'm with Cruz on this one. What is the use in forcing Ayaan Hirsi Ali to register with the federal government?

I wonder if Trump supporters will start calling Cruz a RINO. Now that would be a laugh. If Cruz isn't a conservative then who is?

Black Students at Princeton Demand Their Own Safe Space; Will They Also Ask for Separate Bathrooms & Drinking Fountains?

By on 11.20.15 | 4:21PM

Earlier today, I wrote my take on the idea of banishing Woodrow Wilson's existence from Princeton University.

Students from the Black Justice League occupied the office of Princeton University President Chris Eisgruber until he folded. Aside from their demands regarding Wilson, there was also this demand. According to Planet Princeton:

Students also called on the school to provide a dedicated space on campus for black students that is clearly marked. The students want to be able to name the space themselves, and don't want it named after "a white benefactor or person with bigoted beliefs, as evidenced by the naming of Stanhope Hall.

A dedicated safe space on campus for black students that is clearly marked?

Would I be correct to presume this clearly marked safe space for black students would be equipped with its own separate bathrooms and drinking fountains?

First They Came for Andrew Jackson, Now They’ve Come for Woodrow Wilson, So Who’s Next?

By on 11.20.15 | 12:56PM

One need not be a fan of Woodrow Wilson to be appalled at the ease with which Princeton University sees fit to erase any association it has with the 28th President of the United States because of a few bullies who have nothing constructive to do with their lives. Wilson, of course, was President of Princeton from 1902 to 1910.

This is no different than the effort to remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill. To give you an idea of how deep moral equivalency is imbedded in our university students, I recently attended a Halloween Party where I spoke with several Harvard students (one is at Harvard Law while the rest are at the Harvard School of Public Health) about how Palestinians glorify the deaths of Jews by naming streets, schools and soccer fields after them. In response, one of the students told me, "America put Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill." I dismissed her moral equivalency as fatuous nonsense and this ended the discussion.

ABC Airs Special Holiday Episode of Scandal Featuring an Abortion

By on 11.20.15 | 12:40PM

Merry Christmas, everyone! And how better to celebrate the birth of a savior, perhaps history's greatest unplanned pregnancy, than to air a Very Special Episode of one of ABC's highest rated shows depicting a main character having an abortion to the tune of one of our most sacred holdiay hymns, "Silent Night?"

Now, I try not to be as hard on ABC as some of our other writers - after all, it's almost unfair, considering they're pulling in lower numbers than Lifetime nowadays, and I kind of love Quantico, which is basically the best worst show on television - but last night's episode of Scandal was a special kind of stupid. In the "winter finale," the main character, Olivia Pope, who just revealed she's in a comfortable relationship with the President of the United States, celebrated her holiday season by recognizing what's most important about family: that when you don't want more of it, you can have it scraped out of your womb while you listen to Christmas carols.

The Terrorist Attack in Mali Was Also Aimed at France

By on 11.20.15 | 10:28AM

At this hour, both American and French special forces are inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, Mali after gunmen stormed the hotel shouting "Allahu Akbar!!!" killing three people and holding an estimated 170 hostage. As of this writing, approximately 30 of the hostages have been freed.

This attack takes place exactly one week after the Paris terrorist attacks. While no one has claimed responsibility, I believe a case can be made this attack was as much an attack against France as it is against Mali. Of course, Mali is a former French colony which sought help from France in 2013 following an Islamist takeover of the northern half of the country which was briefly renamed Azawad by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA).