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Re: Michael Brown and the Katrina Mess

By on 3.3.06 | 1:49PM

Lady G is right in saying D'OHS should be dismantled. But neither FEMA nor D'OHS can be fixed by bureaucratic reorganizations. The problem reaches down to their roots, and there it has to be solved.

Chertoff, Brown and the rest -- with very few exceptions -- don't have any experience or training in the myriad issues they have to deal with. We need to assure that real experts -- and there's a host of grumpy old colonels and generals who have the experience, the training and the ability to command in crises -- run these agencies. As I've written before, amateur hour should be over. We need to remove the top two or three layers at D'OHS and most of its component agencies and replace the people with others who can find their heads if permitted to use both hands.

No matter which cabinet department or independent agency controls, nothing will get better until people who know what they're about are put in charge.

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