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Let Them Burn Cars

By on 1.10.13 | 10:16AM

Theodore Dalrymple, blogging over at the Salisbury Review, suggests the French have discovered a novel approach to aggregate demand management: the ritual burning of new and used automobiles. Automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, emergency workers—who doesn't stand to benefit? Besides, as the good doctor observes, "unlike most forms of government stimulus," setting other people's cars aflame "is great fun."

Of course, we in the United States are well ahead of the French (and Dr. Dalrymple's British audience) in this regard: Remember Cash for Clunkers back in 2009? Unfortunately, that wasn't as much fun as what the French have been up to. (Ah, well: I suppose automotive destruction, like wine, cinema, and philosophical novels, are done better in gay Paris.)

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