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Iran Shahab-3 and Ghadar missiles

By on 3.2.06 | 1:33PM

Best Iran source reports that Iran now deploys many more Shahab-3 missiles than previously determined. Iran likely has up to 300 Shahab-3, which are forward deployed. There is no confirmation of what kind of warheads are now mounted.

At the same time, source reports that North Korean missile technicians are in residence at the Hemmat Missile Industries in Tehran, where they are working with Iranian Defense Ministry teams to develop the Ghadar missile. This is the multistage weapon with a range of 3000 kilometers and a baby bottle nipple like warhead that is capable of mounting a miniaturized nuclear weapon.

Tehran knows that its acquisition of breeder reactors and centrifuge cascades will not provide protection and a diplomatic dagger until and if Iran can mount a credible, well-defended, well-dispersed (sea-based) nuclear tipped strategic missile arsenal.

For those who argue (as more and more do) that blocking Iran's nuke ambitions is a futile mission, consider that Iran will use its enriched uranium product to construct a strategic missile threat to the Saudi Arabian oilfields, to India, Russia, and Berlin, as well as to the easy to reach Israel.

Once Iran tests and deploys the Ghadar missile, Mutual Assured Destruction policy will obtain in South Asia, fueled by the colossal, thousand year old feud between Shia and Sunni, between Shia and infidel.

(And note that the inability or unwillingness of the the UN and the six-party talks to contain and punish North Korea for its flagrant nuclear weapon and missile proliferation now reaps the whirlwind.)

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