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Dubai-Bye-Bye Baby

By on 3.2.06 | 8:13AM

As we reported last week, the Financial Times is reporting this morning that former President Clinton was involved in steering the Dubai port operations firm on wrapping up its deal.

Where our reports differs with the Financial Times is the timing. Our sources tell us that Clinton's assistance -- and payment of his fees -- came much earlier than two weeks ago. Likewise, so did the fees paid to the Albright Group.

Now, more Clintonista names are being floated: former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart was apparently being floated by his former colleagues for PR assistance. And we're also hearing that former Clinton best bud Vernon Jordan was nosing around looking for a bite of the apple.

Sen. Hillary Clinton's office should be pressed hard on a timeline of just when she was aware of the port deal, and what her husband was paid by the UAE government and other entities involved in the deal. We're hearing there is more to come on this story. And it won't be particularly helpful to anyone on any side of the issue.

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