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The Day Ahead: Friday, Dec. 7

By on 12.7.12 | 6:34AM

Major Quake strikes off Japan, setting off small Rsunami (CNN News)

Egypt’s Morsi, looking to Army for support, pushes charter that enshrines Military’s Oower (Washington Post)

Horrific Fire revealed a Gap in Safety for Global Brands (NY Times)

The GOP’s Tax Triumph (National Review)

Solemn Ceremony at Pearl Harbor, 71 Years later (CBS News)

Administration weighs legal Action against States that legalized Marijuana Use (NY Times)

Palestinian Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal visits Gaza (BBC News)

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney both topped $1 billion in 2012 (Politico)

Ken Fisher, Billionaire Forbes Writer, attempts to argue that the U.S. needs fewer Jobs (Huffington Post)

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