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Stay Healthy!

By on 12.6.12 | 11:11AM

Yes, I'm worried about the fiscal cliff, Obamacare, and all the other irreversible abominations which will result from President Obama's November victory. But the thing that keeps me up at night and really makes me shudder is an unexpected Supreme Court opening.

Stay Healthy!
By Asher Embry

To Antonin, Anthony, Clarence and Sam
And also to John (though still fuming I am);
I pray every night you stay chipper and stout
At least 'til O's term ends and he's finally out.

Ms. Kagan can gorge all she wants, I don't care.
And Breyer and Ginsburg and Sotomayor.
The others: good diets and early to bed --
We can't risk the Justice O'd put in their stead.

I'm sorry this verse is so morbid and curt;
O tipping the Court we must simply avert.

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