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The Day Ahead: Friday, Nov. 30

By on 11.30.12 | 9:55AM

Obama taking "Fiscal Cliff" Fight to the Public (CBS News)

Egyptian Draft Constitution passes; Protesters vow Return to the Streets (CNN News)

Complaints aside, most face lower Tax Burden than in 1980 (NY Times)

Israel to build 3,000 Settler Homes after UN Vote (BBC News)

The GOP’s Medicare Confusion (Washington Post)

Fast Food Strikes in NYC hit Wendy's, Burger King, McDonald's as Workers demand better Pay (Huffington Post)

Consulate lacked requested ‘Man Traps’ (Washington Times)

Immigration Unity hits Hill reality (Politico)

Gay Marriage comes to Supreme Court (ABC News)

Panetta: US foresees 'enduring Presence' to fight al-Qaida in Afghanistan (MSNBC)

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